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The Coasters, featuring Carl Gardner in 1993: Bright, Palmer, Norman, Gardner.
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The original "Young Blood"
RealPlayer audio, 1957

The "One By One" LP of 1960: Guy, Gardner, Jones, Gunter.
The Coasters Line-Ups

Carl Gardner, lead
Bobby Nunn, bass
Leon Hughes, tenor
Billy Guy, baritone
Adolph Jacobs, guitar
Will "Dub" Jones, bass
Cornell Gunter, tenor
Sonny Forriest, guitar
Earl Carroll, tenor
Thomas Palmer, guitar
Ronnie Bright, bass
Jimmy Norman, baritone
Alvin Morse, baritone
Carl Gardner Jr, lead
J W Lance, tenor
The Coasters in 1965: Gardner, Jones, Carroll, Guy.

Biographies - Discographies
Great Vocal Groups:

Dominoes, Clovers,
"5" Royales,
Midnighters, Moonglows, Flamingos, Drifters, Platters,
Cadillacs, Coasters,
Isley Brothers, Impressions,
Miracles, Temptations.

Biographies - Discographies
Great R&B Pioneers:

The Pioneers of Juke Blues,
City Blues, Blues & Rhythm,
and Rhythm & Soul.
Roy Brown
to James Brown
- Muddy Waters
to Otis Redding.

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 The original Coasters. Gardner, Nunn, Hughes, Guy,

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Great rock-and-roll memorabilia

Rhino´s Coastin´ double-CD R2 71090 "50 Coastin´ Classics" - featuring 51 great Coasters tracks 1955-1968 - mostly Atco.

Listen to all 51 clips here!

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The original Coasters in 1956  - Hughes, Guy; front Nunn; and far right Gardner.
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The Coasters promoting "Love Potion Number Nine" in 1971: Bright, Gardner, Guy, and (seated) Carroll.

The Coastrers of today (Bright, Morse, Gardner, Lance, and Palmer - here in 2001).

Rhythm & Blues

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Carl Gardner in the 1990s.
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Carl Gardner with the Vocal Group Hall of Fame honor.
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Cover of the great album of 1959.
The Coasters Web Site - logo.