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My Brother

Well this is my brother he is seven years older than I am and married to a beautiful lady inside and out who I am proud to call my sister. They had a son a year and 5 months ago, an adorable little guy who will get his own page eventually. He is one of the most special people in my life and has always been the best big brother you could ever want. I still remember Saturday mornings laying on the couch with him watching Fat Albert at 6 am or so. He'd always let me tag along with him and his friends, no matter how annoying of a little brother I was. He is one of the greatest guys you'll ever meet and has always helped me out. He has also been an inspiration to his little brother as there is no one else I would like to be mentioned in the same sentence with than him. We are different as most brothers are, but we are still a lot alike. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I love him the best. (that's a line from some movie, not quite sure which one though) Oh yeah, by the way you can thank me later for not putting in any pictures of you in a leisure suit ha ha.

Me as a little tyke with my big Brother.

Ah, this takes me back. I remember, all the fun we had meesing around in the backyard and making messes all over the house. We made the best blanket forts together, good enough to rival the the feats of the pyramids of Egypt. I remember once when I was sick at home, he build me a little one over the bed and sat in there with me reading stories and laughing with me.

A X-mas Picture during his Freshman year in College

I don't know if he even knows this, but after my mom and dad and I left after moving him into his dorm, I started crying. I was really sad, I wouldn't have any one around anymore, to have some fun with. He was my best friend, we did a lot together even though he was so much older, we always got along and had a great time together. So his little brother was going to miss him a lot. (that is our dog Taco in the picture too, yes a poodle named Taco)

The Cute Couple

This is my brother and his wife. I was the bestman at the wedding and was so proud to be able to stand up there with him by his side for his special day. It was one of the most fun times I've ever had and one of the proudest moments in my life. I love you both, you two are truly one of a kind.