(mostly) year 2001 pictures

these are the pictures that have been taken most recently. check them out, they're cool!

Sammy and Rae at Prom 2001, (the professional portrait) sex-ay. lol
Sammy and Rae at the "Chat Noir" cafe Prom 2001
Sammy and Rae standing in Rae's yard on prom 2001
Sammy and Rae doing the same stuff as in the one above this one
Prom 2001 left - right, Nina, Sammy, Raeanne, Darcy, Beth, Casey, and Kim
Prom 2001 (ditto)
Sammy and Rae at the "Chat Noir" cafe looking TIRED! Prom 2001
Sammy's friend Cody and Janelle
Casey, Darcy, Nina and Beth at the "Chat Noir" cafe doing "the condor" (dont ask) Prom 2001
Rae's friends Dave and Molly Prom 2001
Sammy's friend Joe and Shelby at Prom 2001
Sammy and mike at Prom 2001
nina looking glamourous at Prom 2001
nina and her special strings at Prom 2001
nina and Rae at Prom 2001
Rae at Prom 2001
Rae's dad with a rasta wig on
Rae and Sammy at Dickens of a Christmas
Rae's sister Erin
Erin again
Erin and raeanne (in her "i love my vet" shirt) at a theatre
Sammy and Rae (in her new blue trenchcoat) at Goodwill
Rae looking evil at goodwill
sammy stole my camera!
he did it again!
this is jeph. yep.
jeph's senior picture #1
jeph senior pic #2
jeph senior pic #3
jeph senior #4
MY sammy. ~Rae
Rae and jeph sitting in shopping carts at goodwill
Rae's mom
Rae's mom some more
Rae and sammy at goodwill
Rae and Sammy at goodwill some more
nina killing fries
Rae and Brian on a bus
Rae and Ken-Dawg (before Rae's eyebrow ring was taken out)
Rae with her hair in dreads
Rae and sammy at Caseys
Rae, sammy and Rusty (the dog)
Rae's Doggy, Rusty
Sammy and Rusty
Joe, Cody and Sammy pretending to be Mudvayne
Sammy sticking his tongue out
sammy grinning
Lindsey's son Samual when he was like.. a few months old
Rae and sammy at Rae's grad party
Rae's tattoo