These are honestly poems i turned in in my creative writing class my senior year!

My Creative Writing teacher i think was a little frightened of me. i dont really like poems, well writing them. i like to read them though. so i wrote a series of poems for her, and i think she took them pretty well. lol bonus points for creativity again. lol.

The "I am lazy" Poem

I think i should write a poem,
But i just dont feel like it.

The Apathy Poem

I'm supposed to be writing poetry right now.
But i just dont want to.
I mean, why should i care about poems?
Why am i asking?
I don't really even care about the answer.
you know, i dont really care about capitalization anymore either.
i dont get into the whole puctuation deal either
im not really sure why i even bothered with the whole poem thing
i dont even feel like finishing this senten


Sheep are good.
Everyone loves sheep.
When you see a sheep,
You have an urge to shout
SHEEP! at the top of your lungs.
Because sheep are cool.
Sheep spelled backwards is "peehs"
Which really doesn't mean anything,
but that isn't the point because
Sheep are the best.
Everyone loves sheep.
Unless, of course, they don't.

the run-on sentance poem

so like once, this guy went to Peoria and he liked carrots and carrots are orange but if they're not orange, they're probably not carrots, making them "non-carrots" and like i bet i've eaten lots of non-carrots and never known it and i cant understand how blind i've been and i totally repent and like i feel so guilty-like and i'm very sorry to all the non-carrots i've eaten and stuff, but anyway, oh yeah the guy left Peoria and went somplace else, and that was pretty cool.