Stuff i have written!

i have written a lot of stuff. and i figured you might wanna read it. beware, though a lot of these were written for a class, none of these are at all serious. i get A's on them all though! the mr rogers one, i got an A+, and 5 extra credit points for creativity! the hero one i got for creativity an A -. so i'm not goofing off or anything. i finally got a teacher with a sense of humor! thank you.

1.animal liberation paper

2.MR Rogers is a dirty old man!

my paper about my idea of a "hemmingway Hero"(an english paper gone terribly wrong!)

my silly government paper about mind control and zapping brains.

another govt. report. "does yout right nostril smell stuff differently than your left?" find out here! lol

my govt report (Again) "my ideal presidential candidate" (check out the picture i made for it! it's cool!)

the sarcastic paper, by my Bulgarian friend from school, Zhivko. (we call him Bob)

"the Spatula poem" by Erin Lehman (thanks Erin! you're the greatest Erin i know! *next to my sister!* really! hehehe)

My Poems from my senior year Creative writing class. lol

Stuff my Goffy friend Elicia writes!

My take on the crocodile Hunter