Mr Rogers is a Dirty Old Man!

I would Like to state my sincere sadness at the recent passing of Mr. Rogers. he was a huge part of my early childhood, and i remember him fondly, despite this paper (which is a joke!) and i am deeply saddened by his passing. he's in a much beter place. R.I.P. Fred Rogers.

note--this is a paper i wrote for my junior english class this year. it's meant as a joke, so please take it that way. thank you. ~Raeanne

Children nowadays are noted for being messed up. i am living proof. I owe a large portion of that to Mr. Rogers. Mr. Rogers is a dirty old man. He can get little kids to do anything he wants! it's part of the "rogers' brain washing program". (this fact has not yet been publicized)Another reason he is a dirty old man is plain to see. The very first scene as he's walking onscreen, shows Rogers singing "wont you be my neighbor" while UNDRESSING! Another not-so-known fact is Roger's best friend. "Mr. McFeely" hmmm..... okay... Even worse than that, is his slogan "speedy Delivery" think about it. I Credit the corruption of Generation X to Fred Rogers. Despite all this evidence, Rogers is still singing and talking to puppet people on PBS every day! The day we get him off the air, will , in my opinion, me a "snappy new day". My guess is that our own president mr bill clinton watched Rogers growing up. That would explain a few things.


here's somebody that agrees with me! go and visit Mr Roger's neighborhood watch