Funny Quotes from Animal Crossing

These are the funny things the Animal Crossing people have said. some are just things that they say without our help, and others are funny because we've changed their "catch phrase". Each animal crossing animal has a "catch phrase" they use on a regular basis. sometimes, they want you to change them to sound cooler. that's where the hilarity ensues. MWAHAHAHAHA.

This is the beginning of the "snake section". Snake is the best character in this game! he's this really weird Ninja Rabbit. and he's MY Animal Crossing Boyfriend. (hey the Furry Innuendos are plentiful!) and this time, we changed his phrase to "SARS". and no, Snake, i like you a lot, but i do NOT want your SARS!
Hey dude, we're ALL down with Locusts. i mean, who isn't?? lol (this one is a default one. we didn't change anything, except the word "suxx0r" which is, of course, something no one ELSE really knows WHAT it means, but it means "sucks" in our chatroom. just thought it was funny)
Snake is WEIRD. lol we didn't have to change this one either. he just SAYS stuff like this!
wow! i want a superpower! i wish i could be so cool! (we didn't change this one either. he's just ODD)
(okay. in chat, "success" means "sex" so that's why THIS is funny. a guy from another country came into chat once saying "my girlfriend and i just had success in a closet!" so yeah.. lol this is funny!!!) and NO Snake, i again like you, but i don't want Success from you! ack!
okay this is another weird thing he just SAID that we didn't have to change. what a weird ninja rabbit he is.
MORE success?? Permiscuous little thing isn't he?
this is what happens when we changed his catch phrase to "batman". lol the good times never stop!
this was just funny how this worked out. i totally wish he'd call her batman all the time. but alas...
ACK the innuendos.....
This is a cat that's face falls off. and you get to draw another one on there. this time, we made her into a bad 1979 chinese kung-fu character. really.
this time.. she's Zorro!
This is Amelia. our resident goth-Eagle. (why not?) and we made her say "buttface" and so far, she's never ceased to insult us everytime we talk to her. lol
ah. a sidewalk. how.. lovely... (Saharah sells "rare carpets".)
ah. a RARE sidewalk. hrmm....
this is Louie. our gay monkey. (no seriously. he's gay. he says "toots" and carries around an umbrella shaped like a daisy! GAY MONKEY!) and my sister's come up with a neat word to substitute "duh" and that is "Nur". so this is a tribute to her. GO ERIN!
Roy: What thing?
Roy: i can't help it if my thing is so wonderful! really!
Roy: FINE! see if YOU ever get my kitchen tile!!1 (well? what'd you THINK she was talking about?? lol)
i wasn't beating her! i'm serious! there is NO cat-brutality in MY village! (i caught a fish before her. lol) plus, her saying "pooniehead" is also funny. (see the Poonie gallery if this doesnt make you laugh)
okay. what's the deal with the hash browns?
no no no. i'm not rabid! i have SARS!! mwahahahaha oh.
AH!!! GAY FROG!!! GAY FROG!!!!! FEAR!!!!!
this was just something we HAD to do. lol
i said NO dude!
This was Roy's fault. and i think it's quite possibly the scariest thing i've ever seen. that is until....
THIS! FEAR. i say again... GAY MONKEY!!!!11
now it's BURRITOS??? what gives man??
ACK! well, i suppose who DOESNT want a bit of Gay Monkey? hmmm?? you know you do.
GO FOR IT ROY!!!!! lol
POOOOOR Huck. so desperate. well, he IS the only frog in our town...
now that's just mean. lol
what on EARTH brought that up? hmm.. pigses are WEIRD
Oo... Now Roy's got to choose. the gay frog, or the Tropicana Reject. sounds like an episode of Degrassi or something.
methinks her boyfriend's been hanging around Olivia's too much! CRY
Oh no! not you too Snake!!! *sigh* GAY BUNNY!!!!!!!1
okay. now that's just odd.
well that's good. i was worried. *ahem*
OMG F4NG PWNZ0RZ W1T h15 M4D 1337 SK1LLZ0RZ!!!!11 or something.
i laughed pretty hard when i saw this one. this was after a pretty retarded letter i'd written that she'd evidently saved. i forget which one though. but evidently it was "me"!