The Poonie Gallery...of DOOM! hehe

HI! i play the game Final Fantasy 8. a lot. in fact, i think i've beaten that game probably about 10 times. as many people who know me will tell you, i have a MINOR obsession with the main character, Squall. he's a SEXY beast, for a toon. so like, naturally i DONT like the main love interest, Rinoa. in fact, even if she WASNT with squall, i'd prolly dislike her. she's a wussie. and pastel blue SUCKS. so, this time around, i decided to name her "Poonie" instead of her real name. that's where the hillarity insues. the childish 5 year old jokes and sexual innuendos are ENDLESS.. so i started taking pictures of the funny quotes with my digital camera, and hense, the Poonie page. enjoy!

this is the Innuendo that started it all.. you can just PICTURE Irvine saying "okay Squall. I'LL take care of Poonie.. just GIMME a few minutes alone with her... MWAHAHAHA "or something. LOVE IT.
i dont really feel i need to add to this one, but i also have that nagging "oh.. but you MUST" feeling in the back of my head. so.. i MUST..... i mean seriously, bed, "call my name" and Poonie... who said 4 words couldn't sound dirtier? i say again... INNUENDO
LOL the dream of EVERY 17 year old male methinks.
This sounds like a personal question to me, but i'm NOT a guy.. so maybe this is just some sort of open-air lockerroom discussion they never would admit to. who knows. makes for a WONDERFUL Poonie joke tho.
hey if they all take their shoes off, they could have an orgy to go along with the poonie, picnics and what-not. BONUS!
wow. what a friend Squall must be! going out of his way just to bring some girl Poonie! the gift that keeps on giving... eeep.
this reminds me of those Animal Planet shows where the alpha male from a herd or pack of animals fights over his animal-poonie with a younger, more spry male. except that Squall could whip out a "Lionheart" on this guy. maybe he should find his OWN Poonie.
BUt Squall! i thought you told IRVINE to take care of Poonie! i'm so confused!
Squall's thinking at this point "NO DUH Ellone, of COURSE i dont want to lose Poonie! i've got THIS Poonie after me night and day, and the attention was actually quite flattering, though i did tend to ignore her, i miss the attention. so FIX it, or i dont have no Poonie!" or something. lol no jokes here on this one. this one's funny without i think.
Ellone: "Oh Squall! you SHOULDN'T have! you brought me Poonie all the way from Esthar? aww you're the best!"
Squall: "Awww Quistis! NOW you tell me! PFFT.. Seifer can HAVE her. i dont want no tainted Poonie..."
My but this is a personal request! but at least he said PLEASE....
honestly, i cant think of a THING to say about this one. it for some reason struck me as funny, but i cant figure out WHY... LOL oh well. it'll come to me.
Hmm. i think if i say ANYTHING, i could screw up the pure genius that is this Poonie joke. i mean SERIOUSLY folks, you dont even have to use your imagination! CLASSIC
hey, at least he's man enough to admit this. i mean, most guys wouldn't say this. they'd be like "no, seriously. i love you for your mind!" but not Squall! he's HONEST!
not many guys can SAY they've had Poonie FORCED upon them. i'm telling you, Squall's a total stud. lol
i'm trying REALLY hard not to say anything involving Poonie Exams.
are they lacking in Poonie in Esthar?
hmm.. if i were squall.. i'd say....
...THIS! lol NICE one squall!
Squall: "It's about time! what? you mean MY Poonie?? DIE SUCKA!!!"
the MOTHER of all Poonie Jokes. i mean, this one's a triple header! i dont hafta TOUCH it!