What are they doing now?

This is the page that answers the question, what are those peanut kids doing now? (oh yeah, these are just my views of their lives! i don't think they're real, but hey, you never know!)

Charlie brown

Charlie Brown had to go through therapy for a while 'cause of the way the other kids treated him, & was making progress, until some little kid shouted on the street "momma! look! his head looks like a bowling ball!" He snapped & is now a resident at "Happy Loon Mental institute"

Lucy van pelt

Lucy went to school to become a beauty professor, once believing she was the most beautiful person on earth. after failing miserably because she actually ate food, she no teaches classical music at a local college.

Linus van pelt

Linus tried to become a professional baseball coach, but his blanket got in the way, so he now a child therapist, specializing in inferiority and security complexes.he married Sally, and still carries the blanket.


Franklin was a kid that was pretty much good at everything. he tried for a while in plumbing, but prefered to keep his pants held up by a belt, and was fired for not conforming to the laws of plumber-dom. so, he turned to politics and became hazardville connecticut's 1st black mayor!

Sally Brown

Sally was validictorian in her high school class, and went to college to become a lawyer, and also became the lawyer to acheve fame in the "o.j simpson did too kill those people!" case of 1999. she married Linus and is a proud mother of 3 sweet baboos.

Peppermint Pattie

Peppermint pattie wanted to be a coach for any sport, but was beat out by guys that said she was too weird looking. so, she decided to prove them wrong, and graduated from beauty school. she is presently one of the top fasion designers in the world.


Schroeder was a child phenom in his music class, and he was determined to become a famous concert pianist. but after 10 years of getting shunned and laughed at by judges, he gave up on classical music, and is now living in lugury with his rock band in beverly hills.

Pig Pen

Pig pen worked for a while in a rodeo, as a clown. but he kept causing the bulls to have alergy attacks, and the cowboy-death toll caused him to be fired. Pig-pen cleaned up his act, and works for Mollie-maid.


Marcie wanted to be a teacher, but after the principal (she was a woman) got tired of being called "sir" she fired her. Marcie decided to totally rebel, and is now a major legue baseball coach.

Rerun Van Pelt

Rerun was tired of being scared of everything, and he needed money for college. so, he decided to become a thrill biker on street corners, for extra money. he got so good at it, that someone from ESPN2 hired him. so he's now a thrill biker on ESPN2's X-Games.

Snoopy & Woodstock

these two are either dead or Really old by now.

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