*ahem* ME ME ME ME!!!!!

okay folks. here it is. the page all about ME. the only place where i can pretend to be a pig-headed stuck on myself obsessive fan of ME. which of course, i'm not. (ask ANYONE that knows me) but of course, i can not do this in any sort of normal way. so i've made this into a sort of quiz. click on the button that you think would be your answer. EX. "what is my name?" click on the button that has the name on it you think is my name. get it? the little pop-up will let you know if you're right, or if you arent. i'll try to make the pop-ups as friendly as possible. *evil laughter inserted here* well, have fun!

(disclaimer, i'm only kidding in the pop ups with the possible insults etc i could come up with. i'm not TRULY insulting your intelligence, i'm only having a little fun. take it that way por favor.)

1. What is my name?

2.What is my gender?

3.What is my marital status?

4.What are my favorite food and drinks?

5.what are my favorite songs?

6.What are my 3 favorite movies?

7.what are my favorite colors?

8.What are my favorite bands?

9.how old am i?

10.what color is my hair?

11.what color are my eyes?

12.how tall am i?

13.how much do i weigh?

14.where do i live?

15.Pepsi or Coke?

16.what is the name of my cat?

17.what is my DOGS name?

18.who are my fave actors?

19.what are "Chonies"?

20.what are my fave animals?

21.what languages do i speak?

22.Some people ask me this: What am i smoking? (They think i'm nuts)

23.How many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?? (hey, i know you're curious!)

24. What are my favorite TV shows?

25.Who is my favorite Author?

26. Which Anime Guys (including video games) do i have a crush on?

27. What one out of the following is NOT an internet name i use?

28. DO i have a belly button?

29. what am i facinated with?

30. my favorite video game is...?

31. what is the name of my boyfriend, and true love? (why not?)

32. Any Piercings or Tattoos?

33. Who are my favorite actresses?

34. do i have any hobbies?

35. Do i have any collections?

36. Do i have a pet Bulgarian?

36. WHo are my Heros/major influences?

i think i'm done now. lol hope you had fun. i know I had too much fun with this page. lol

Email: randomfact@msn.com