dancing queen....

my home page was just too cluttered with junk. so, this is where i put my links. it's easier to find stuff now.

My Friends web pages

Wazoo Productions the site of a few of my friends and their weird articles. oh, they have a forum too. check that one out.

Anodyne my cousin Alana's new page.

Simply Moist, my cousin Matthew's page.

My Perfect World the page of my daddy.

Erin's Volcanic Pygmy Pontoon my sister Erin's page

welcome to Iowathe page of my friend Jeff.

Nina's Page

Becca's Page

Sickpuppy's site

my brudder Dann's site. pretty nifty. :)

Ichigo's site (very cool!)

the REALLY weird "almost" site of my friend I Am The Law. (it's ok. he's from New Zealand. he's allowed to be odd. lol
my Friend Cloudweapon's site. this page is almost weirder than LAWs. sheesh(he's cool! go see)
this is the site of my OTHER friend, YN (Your Nickname)Final Fantasy Forever (FF Rules, yo lol)

KochiPoik's site

My Friend Sherrie's Site!

my Friend Nina's Site!

Band Links

Freaks of nature meghan's page (silverchair)

Abuse the freaks, nicci's page(silverchair)

Official Korn page

Official silverchair site

Beck Official site

Rage against the machine

Soundworld, a really cool australian music store.

important organization Links

Animal Liberation Australia (NSW)


The Vegan Society

The Liberate Daniel Johns Movement

Australian Animal Protection Society

Animal Rights Resource Centre


American Anti-Vivesection society (anti-animal testing)

Other Cool Sites

Join the i-squad now!

The Weekly World News, America's Underground News Source

Nad's! (an Australian Hair removal gel. lol Why not?)

Guitar Tab Universe

Universal Currency Converter

Emode (stupid quizzes. lol)

Altavista BabelFish translator(great if you're in high school spanish or something)

gratuitous carrot porn! hehehe

Hats of Meat the weirdest thing i've ever seen on the internet.

Final Fantasy Radio (home of the COOLEST chatroom in the world)

Beef-A-Roo! (a restaurant in Illinois.. Ichigo works there! (that and the name is really funny!)

a Furniture Porn Site. (really. it's furniture. lol)

a really Funny COmic, "Something Positive" a really REALLY funny site. hard to describe, so just go look!

This site is like, but it's ONLY videogames. VERY VERY funny stuff. "OOOH You're making me so flustered!"

The Colossal Colon! (rent it for YOUR next event!

Something Awful! (the whole site rocks, make sure you check out "Photoshop Phridays.)

Real Ultimate Power! a really funny site about Ninjas, and the canadians that love them.