The Letters (be afraid)

ON Animal Crossing, you get to write people Letters. either to say "hi" or to make them change their shirts (sometimes they put on ugly shirts, and if you mail them a better one, they'll wear them.) and sometimes, if the letters are really "special" to the animals you write to, they'll show you them when you speak with them. so we try to write really GOOD letters, especially if the others involved didn't see you write them, so when the animals show them off, they make the other players laugh uncontrollably. so far, Roy and i have done it well i think. we try to "out weird" each other. you be the judge.

Other Character's Letters

sometimes our people get letters from their "parents" who we moved away from. this is one of them.. how.. disturbing...
another one. wash your knees??? ack.
Evil cabbages? aren't ALL cabbages evil? or am i the only one that gets attacked in the night.... *shudder*
this is one that fang (the wolf) got. we don't know at all what this is about...
i'm not sure what pudge was TRYING to say but i think he may have failed. but pizza rolls RULE
Roy has another town, and he's got another guy in it. named Roy also. so i made him write this letter to the Roy in MY town. odd...
Terra (a friend of Roy's) had Snake in HEr town. this letter was written when Snake lived in HER town.
I guess animals can write A.D.D letters too. wow. +3 points for Amelia!!

Roy's Letters

This is the weird letter that started this whole mess. Tom nook is the guy that runs the store, and he's the guy you own your soul to until you pay back your house loan. his 2 raccoon children work upstairs. they're as annoying as Nook himself!
i'm not really sure what this is about. he swears there was a reason he wrote it, but you never know with Roy.
Portia is a dalmation. and we dressed her in a gothic shirt. it's fun!
yes, kitties ARE neat.
okay.. this is what we like to call an "a.d.d letter". because there is absolutely NO point to them. those are fun.
only final fantasy geeks would understand this one. lol
this one too. Selphie from FF8 says "Booyaka!" in that game. and Roy's a geek. LOL
ah. this poses a good question. not the pne in the letter, but the one of "why on EARTh did you write a letter about THAT?"
COURSE he likes Judy Garland! he's a gay monkey!
we made Pudge (an orange bear) wear this orange shirt that matches him perfectly. but it's got a big black dragon on it, and it looks like Pudge is naked. with a large tattoo on his chest. LOL
ah. Roy needs to sleep more i think.
This is the ultimate in A.D.D. letters. Kiki IS a kittie. GOOOOOD Roy... *pat head*
Dude, i think we're ALL into impressment. i mean, who isn't? or something...
i HATE socks.
i agree with the repettitive part, but i LIKE Green Day!!! PFFT
Purple Backbacon huh. MMMMM
FEAR the Fashion Gnomes!!! FEAR
she WAS wearing an icky shirt. ICKYBAD
Makes sense, as she IS a zebra..
Huck keeps lurking outside the Gay Monkey's house. we don't know exactly WHY but i bet it involves showtunes and knitting.
Roy DEFINATELY needs more sleep methinks.
He raises a good point. she talks and talks about fashion and how she is the epitome in that area, but she's goth.. what gives??
He again, raises a good point. you'd think with his mad saving middle earth skillz, Samwise could be pimping NIKE or something.
I've never had sushi, but this april i will when we go on a trip. but i'll remember not to try the octopus, or i might, as he says... "Blurf"
chocolate covered ants are crunchy.
ah. an age-old question, finally answered. i can sleep at night now. *whew*

MY Letters (Rae)

this is the first of MY letters. there's this guy i used to work with that was obsessed with westerns. especially Tom Selleck ones. ACK.
okay. this one.. well.. i have no idea WHAT i was thinking at the time, but as with ALL my weirdness, non of it is drug-induced. i swear.
This one's a tribute to all my canadian friends, and those who are obsessed with bad canadian melodrama.
who ISN'T fascinated with time zones?!!!
Okay. this one's a sick joke cuz Bon Jovi sucks. lol
well, i didn't WANT her to put the peanut butter in the tuna cassarole! i swear! but at least i didn't have to eat it! mwahahaha oh.
there IS a paper airplane! it's at the bottom! see???
well? after THAT letter, i hope you're ALL going out. right now. to BUY COWS!!!!
we LOVE purple backbacon.
Anyone who wears yellow sequined shorts and listens to little richard IS a sad, sad man.
i think this letter was just an escuse to use the word Faux Pas. i like that word. or 2 words. whatever.
This was kinda mean, but i don't LIKE when squirrels don't change their shirts! it's a pet peeve. silly squirrels.
Just to clarify, i don't really watch renegade. OR knightrider. i'd hate to have that sort or problem. i don't know if there's a bad 1980's tv show addict support group. but there should be.
NO really. she thinks Jareth is hot. i don't know WHY though. did you see his PANTS??? FEAR
oh come on, you know you want him.
yet another half-asleep Raeanne A.D.D letter.
this is my weirdest letter. i don't know why i picked Prague... but now i think i need to go there. just to say "hey guys, i've been to Prague!" and things. it'll be neat.
i collect plastic forks. no. seriously. i have a big huge box. it's neat. polystyrene RULES you.
it was a tragic story really. i'm not sure the particulars, buti hear the carny-folk REALLY cost Pudge something that night. poor thing. (lol. sorry. i was TIRED that day.. whew)
Tangy's head IS an orange. she looks tasty. but she wasn't changing her shirt. at one point, i think i called her a "tropicana reject" but i dont think she shows that letter. may have cut her too deep.
this is the first of the 3 letters i wrote involving the spread of this AWFUl flowered shirt.. poor fashion victims..
we found the culprit. it was that OLIVIA beast. naughty kitty.
SWAT! BAD kitty.
She IS a black cat! and liek.. Gotham City doesn't HAVE sunlight. she'd be LOST!!!
i suppose this letter is mean. she probably looked at her kibble and said "CURSE YOU RAEANNE!!!" and things. it woulda been neat to see though. lol
i think i just wanted to put the word "mantit" on my website. sorry. i'm childish that way. lol
well DUH if he's a larva.. what's he GONNA do to aid frogman in his "save the world" hijinks? NOTHING! he's LARVA!!!
dude, Ninjas fly on tv. i've seen it. seriously. in Duel To the Death, they flew. with boxes. it was neat!
i'm thinking i'm going to have to give up on her. although, right now, she's wearing the skull shirt, and that amuses me. especially since she's MEGA-PRISSY.
it IS an important responsibility! and so we keep her well-dressed. or something.
I think this one was mean. i bet she was hoping for Sven. and that he was a furry. *ahem*
Whoppers. we hates them. we hates them FOREVER.
okay. this one i have to apologise for. i think i may have been half asleep. but that is probably no excuse. i'm sorry guys. i'm just WEIRD. hehehehe
well she IS pink. PSH.
Poooooor Huck.
i wanted to take his houndstooth shirt, and beat him senseless with it. he just WOULDNT change it! no matter HOW many cool things i sent him. the NET for him.
SHE changed. and i even called her names! PSH to grizzly
i, like so many others, had the "badger badger badger" thiing stuck in my head at the time. dang it! there it goes again! Badger badger badger......
evidently i was driving. in austalia. or something.
i THINK he's just a cracked out panda. or something. *shrug* i honestly have NO idea.

The Erin's Letters

We recently added my sister Erin into our game. she hasn't had much of a chance to write many letters, as she's in college now, but this is a start! Pudge's catchphrase is "pudgy" and Erin just lost 40 pounds (YAY ERIN!!!) and so she is NOT pudgy. lol
ukelele... SWOOOOON lol whoa.. just noticed this. she used lobster.. AND magnet in the same letter! LOBSTER STICK TO MAGNET!!!!!! oh hehe.
ONly The Erin would use the word "paunchy". +3 cool points for HER! she had sent Olivia the "You are here" shirt. it's a white shirt, with a big red arrow on it. i imagine this is why Olicia knows where she is now.
in addition, only the erin would write about Jose Feliciano. lol it's moments like these, when i feel a sort of sisterly pride...
THis letter was funny. she mailed Mint a boot she'd caught fishing, to see if we could get rid of her. and to this day, mint still plagues our town. she needs to die. or something.

Elicia's Letters

okay. Elicia joins the ranks of those as crackheaded as we are, by, honestly, scaring us all to death. eek.