Episode 1: the crocodile hunter VS the Pirhana

Terri: "hello and welcome to the show! today, we're in Brazil, at the Amazon River. We're studying the beauty, and ferocity of the Amazon pirhana."

Steve: "that's right terri! for years, the naitives around here have feared and even worshipped this magnificant fish, for it's mysterious yet quick ability to devour the flesh of an entire adult body in just under a minute! lets see if we can locate one of these creatures."

*steps into the water (in shorts) and begins wading deeper into the river*

Steve: "CRIKEY this water's cold! one thing that makes this animal so intreguing, is it's ability to sneak up on it's prey, without being noticed until it sinks it's large, sharp teeth into the victim's le....."

*suddenly the water errupts into a frenzy of bubbles around steve's legs*

Terri: "notice the bubbles around Steve's torso. i'll bet Steve didnt even see them coming! thus proving that this fish, is a vicious killer."

*hearing steve screaming in the background, and loud splashing of water*

Terri: "join us next week when we'll find more poisonois creatures with rediculously sharp teeth for Steve to play with!"