A hemmingway Hero

My Idea of a hemmingway hero would have to be Quint, from the movie Jaws.I chose Quint for the reasons that he never once gave up, he had grace under pressure, and he proved himself. let me elaborate.

Quint was the shark hunter, on the classic (but stupid) movie jaws. He was the guy the called in when they couldn't handle the shark problem. Quint has a sort of reputation on being a good shark hunter, because he had done it enough that people knew him for it. That has to stand for something! Quint never gave up. Not even when Brody and that guy with the beard wanted to send someone else. Quint wouldn't even give up when the shark was eating him at the end of the movie! He was still screaming and flailing about trying to get free the whole time! that is real courage!

Quint handled himself very well. The whole movie, he was singing drunken sailor songs and cracking jokes. Sure, he lost his temper with Brody and that other guy a few times, but they really didn't have clue 1 on what they were doing. Quint just got a bit frustrated with them cuz he was used to working with people that knew what they were doing. that would frustrate anyone! All in all, Quint kept in relatively good humor for most of the movie.

Quint proved himself in a number of ways. Maybe not in the way you'd figure. He didn't save the day, he died! He did prove himself to be a drunken washed-up sailor that shouldn't be operating a boat until his Blood Alcohol Content had gotten out of his bloodstream long enough for him to stand up. He also proved that he wasn't the man for the job, since Brody ended up being the one to stick the oxygen tank into the sharks mouth to blow him up. He also proved to be a really tasty snack for the shark! He proved himself to be all those things. Most hemmingway heros only prove themselves to be 1 thing. Quint however proved himself to be many things. none would have gotten him the Congressional Medal of Honor, but he did prove himself.

Yes sir, i'd say that Quint is my idea of a Hemmingway hero, although you wouldn't ever think of his name after the word hero. Which makes me either more open minded, or weird. you choose. Quint fulfilled every qality. he never gave up, not even when he was becoming Purina Shark Chow. He had grace under pressure, because he never flipped out and mass murdered the people in the movie. and he proved himself to be an egomaniacal psychopathic shark hunter that was too drunk to hunt anything , let alone sharks! (you never know, he might've wanted that!) Quint is my idea of a hemmingway hero.

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