My Pocket Bishounen!

These are all the bishounen i have captured! Don't worry, they're not for manual labor or anything. but maybe in my harem of animated love-slaves. hrmm..

Bart Fatima From Xenogears! Fei Fong Wong From Xenogears! Id From Xenogears! Krelian From Xenogears! Carrot Glase from Sorcerer Hunters! Marron Glase from Sorcerer Hunters! Duo Maxwell from Gundam! Spike from Cowboy Bebop Irvine Kinneas from Final Fantasy 8! Kuja from Final Fantasy 9! Laguna Loire from Final Fantasy 8! Squall Leonheart from Final Fantasy 8! Inu-Yasha SEXY *swoooon* even HUMAN Inu-Yasha is SEXY *swoooon* i LOVES Kouga, from InuYasha. hes NEAT Miroku from InuYasha. Lecherous Monk, but thats just part of his charm.heheInuYashas meany-head brother, Sesshoumaru. Legato, from Trigun. hes mean.Vash from trigun. nur. Nicholas Wolfwood from trigun. also nur.