Rejected Care Bear ideas!

my dad and i were bored, and decided one day "boy, could we have a lot of fun with care bears ideas!" so, this is what we came up with.dont take any of these personally. it's all a joke. this has nothing to do with REAL care bears. it's just something we did on a boring day. no hate mail please. thanks! enjoy!

1.Tourettes Bear- makes grumpy bear look like mother Theresa.

2.Fascist Bear- hates bears of colors other than the one he is.

3.Cannibal Bear-has a bear skull and a fork on his belly.

4.communist bear-is red and continually tries to take everything from everyone else, and causes a lot of fights for no real reason.

5."bear of the night"-wears lots of jewelry and stands on cloud corners.

6.Junkie Bear-owns all the meth labs. aka "angeldust bear"

7.biker bear-wears a german helmet and leather and terrorizes towns.

8.mechanic bear-comes complete with greasy coveralls.

9.Mafia Bear-comes in pinstriped suit, and a lincoln towncar, and repossesses your house.

10.trailer trash bear-wears a robe and fuzzy slippers and fur up in curlers. eats only bon-bons.

11.alsheimers bear-wanders off a lot and can't remember how to get home.

12.Chernobyl Bear-has a few extra limbs, and glows in the dark.

13.amputee bear-is missing a few limbs.

14.Blair Witch Bear-comes to your tent at night, and leaves little piles of rocks and sticks wrapped in flannels outside.

15.palsy bear-gets weak a lot, and has a picture of Jerry lewis on his belly.

16.Transvestite Bear-wears womens' clothing and sings barbara streisand show tunes.

17.Quadrapalegic Bear-has Christopher Revves on his chest, and drives a motorized wheelchair.

18.Bear-Zilla-has slow moving naitives between his toes.

19.Crocodile hunter bear-wanders around, looking for poisonous creatures to play with.

20.Paranoia Bear-lives in a room with no windows, and mumbles a lot.

21.schitzophrenia BearS-need i say more?

22.Smokey Bear-has charred fur, and smells like cigars

23.Man-bear-wears stained white tank top and boxers, and drinks beer and scratches himself a lot.

24.woman bear-enjoys shopping and richard simmons.

25.pimp daddy bear-wears fur, and heaps of jewelery, drives a BMW cloud car, and is often seen with "bear of the night"

26.vegetable Bear-just sort of lays there....

27.Bear-y Manilow-sings in elevators.

28.scurvy bear-roams around, in search of orange juice.

29.prozak bear-mopes around a lot, feeling sorry for himself.

30.huggy bear-has an afro, and wears polyesther.

31.spanish inquizition bear-condemns other bears to die and inflicts icky tortures.

32.punk bear-has a green mohawk and has every visible body part pierced.

33.borg bear-tries to assimilate other bears.has a picture of robocop on his belly.

34.femminist bear-continually blame men for everything and burns her bras.

35.Phlegm Bear-coughs a lot.

36.PMS Bear-has PMS. duh.

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