Animal Crossing OWNS MY SOUL!!!!! ack

OKay Folks. this is it. The most AWESOME game in the universe (well, one of them anyway) is Animal Crossing. it's for the Gamecube. anyway, it's this awesome game where you are living in a town with a bunch of animals. and you get to pay off a house, and do all sorts of neat things. and anyway, there are some funny characters in this game. and sometimes they let you change their catch-phrase. (they have a default thing they say after everything and you sometimes get to change it.) and so some of these quotes derive from THAT. and another neat thing you can do, is write letters to them. and sometimes, if they really LIKE the letters, they show them to other players. since me and my boyfriend Roy live in the same town, we have letter-wars. we see who can write the weirdest letters and then we take pictures when the characters show them off. so the 2 sections of this site are letters, and funny catch-phrase changes. and really, this page is still under construction, and will be for a long time, as we're still playing this game, and it SERIOUSLY owns us. so there.

The Perpetrators

The Funny Quotes

The Letters (BEWARE)