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I do not like to be repetitive. By nature, I am not a repetitive person. For example, I would not say "repetitive" three times in as many sentences...Wait. Okay, forget that approach. All right, I hope the crazy people this is directed at are reading this. I am not Billy Boyd. Now, honestly, I shouldn't even have to say this. I don't have the slightest idea of where you all got that. Nothing on my site even suggests that I have any thing to do with the man. Which is another key word, come to think of it.

I am not a man. I am female. My name is Frannie, which is a nickname for Frances--as in "liberty", the female one. Not Francis, that's male. And I am not male. However, Mr. Boyd is male. I even have a picture of him. And no one in their right mind would write to him or herself for an autograph. That would just be stupid. Once again, I am not Billy Boyd.

Another thing, I'm not Scottish, but I'm fifty percent Italian. Actually, I live in Minnesota (where I was born) in the United States, whereas Billy Boyd lives in Scotland (where he was born). Am I getting through yet?

I just received an entry--two actually. For some reason it was submitted twice. I received a guestbook entry from someone who thought I was Billy Boyd and he or she--what am I talking about, of course it's a girl--neglected to leave an e-mail address. Whether this is some sort of practical joke or not, I want your e-mail address, Birdy, so I can explain to you in greater depth the things that make Mr. Boyd and I unlike each other.

One last thought from me: READ THE DISCLAIMER! Just do it. If you're not sure if you're at an official site, always check the disclaimer.