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Commercial High Efficiency Boiler Saves Thousands of Dollars in Energy Costs

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The Fulton commercial high efficiency boiler is compact and does not require a minimum water flow or minimum return water temperature. It may be used as a stand alone boiler or as a "base-load" boiler in existing heating sytems. As a "base-load" boiler, it is added to a heating system and operated during the summer or warmer winter months when the part load efficiencies of the the existing boiler is most inefficient. This pictures shows an application where a 25 HP Fulton boiler was added to supplement a 80 HP Kewanee boiler during the summer and warmer winter months. The Fulton was designed to heat the facility for temperatures down to -10 degree F. The existing boiler is operated when temperatures drop below -10 degree F. This boiler is available in sizes from 300 MBH to 1,400 MBH. Typical savings range from 20% to 50% depending on the existing system. Contact Dan Soffa for engineering, sales, and installation of this product.