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Readers' Place

Here are some of the books we've been reading in the last year or so, and our thoughts...and opinions.

Gifted handsOur middle son is/was very much interested in becoming a medical doctor, maybe a surgeon; he loved this biography of the inner-city Detroit student turned world-renowned neurosurgeon.

The Land I LostA book about a boy's life in Vietnam - not the war itself. Our 12 year-old reluctant reader enjoyed this one! Great for studies of other cultures.

The Last MissionThis WWII adventure (fiction) was recommended in Books Children Love and is in this year's reading stack. We like a reading approach to history...others in this time: Number the Stars by Lois Lowry and The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. For the latter I also have the Progeny Press study guide - I LOVE those!

Early Thunder Well, I'm not sure what to say here...Our youngest (12) is not very excited about reading and did not enjoy this book although it was highly recommended. Again, historical fiction.

Little Britches: Father and I were Ranchers.
We used some of these stories from the early 1900's as read-alouds. This book gives a good impression of what life in those days was live out in nowhere...hard! Moody doesn't hesitate to show the hardships and he certainly lets the readers in on the fun. The kids and I alike enjoyed the stories from our varied perspectives. Moody is now on my personal reading list.
The Climb : Tragic Ambitions on Everest Prime example of what happens around our house: husband expressed interest in this true story, I found the book for him, and our oldest son snatched it up. Thought provoking story (the book!!!!)

You probably figured out by now that history is an important subject in our homeschool. I personally hated history in school because it was so dry and the view was practically dictated rather than discussed. Now I love it and am learning along with the kids!

Right now we're doing a study of the Middle Ages - again. The first time around, our oldest son followed the Beautiful Feet guide (check it out here) and read all the recommended books.

The study starts with the title The Story of Liberty by Charles Coffin. Fairly recently, I found a study guide to this particular book The Story of Liberty Guide and revamped the Beautiful Feet study to incorporate this as well. So, we now pick and choose from the recommended books, add some other interesting ones...and voila! Medieval Times the second time around.

More to come, stay tuned!