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The Blind Wizard Of Science

Beaten and blinded by jealous relatives, the crazed professor Skinn vowed revenge.

"I turned to science! This mechanical eye [wired to his blind eyes], my other inventions, aided greatly in wiping out a rotten family!"

Sensing a fellow genius in teenage Dickie Dean, the sinister doctor attempted to recuit him. Dickie refused and battle stretching across several issues ensued.

In a representative episode, Dickie and pudgy sidekick Zip Todd succeeded in effecting the capture of the insidious Professor Skinn and his imbicile slave, Blubber, after the two criminals unfolded a fantastic plot to gain control of the country's gold and silver, using science as a weapon. But they were stopped in their tracks and imprisoned in Castleton Jail to await trial --

Other inventions dreamed up by Professor Skinn: