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Harry "A" Chesler heroes

Harry "A" Chesler (he adopted "A" as his middle name because he felt it gave him an added air of distinction) opened the first comic book studio in the world in 1936, producing material for a variety of comic book companies and providing opportunities for young artists like Jack Cole, Charles Biro, and many others. Chesler entered the booming superhero market as a publisher in 1941, but with little success. In so doing he created a slew of characters, some memorable, and some not so memorable.

At one point Chesler affiliated himself with the Lev Gleason line under the name Magazine Press. The Gleason connection to Chesler is one of "shared" publishing, thus the "imprint" which is similar to a brand name or subsidiary. Maybe Chesler was testing the waters with Gleason to see if he could make a go of it again (as if by having some kind of association with Gleason, thought he might be able to pull it off, as Gleason was a successful publisher in his own right), as right after that Chesler entered the publishing business for the final time, and as usual failed

Centaur Comics & Harry "A" Chesler Comics Cover Gallery

Barry Cuda
Black Dwarf
Black Cobra
Black Satan
Captain Glory
Doctor Vampire
Dynamic Boy I (Kent Banning)
Dynamic Man & Dynamic Boy II (Ricky McQuade)
the Echo
Enchanted Dagger
Green Knight & Lance
Hale the Magician
Lady Satan
Master Key
Major Victory
Mister E
Rocketman, Rocketgirl, and Rocketboy
the Scarlet Sentry
the Skyrocket
Spider Woman
Spy Chief
the Veiled Avenger
Yankee Boy I
Yankee Boy II
Yankee Girl
Yankee Doodle Jones & Dandy