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This page has a lot of cool Pinky and the Brain stuff, and other junk!

Here's a lot of my Pinky and the Brain sounds I've collected for a long time. I've got a bunch of pictures and some movies too. On another note, I hate to say this, but I'm losing interest in my page, so there won't be any more updates. Please feel free to use anything on my page on another page. This is Ben signing off. Enjoy yourself.

And now for some Pinky and the Brain merchandise:

I know this doesn't really have anything to do with Pinky and the Brain, but here's a really cool game, called Bye-Bye Bill, I made for the mac. I now have the newest version (version 3.0). It is A TON better than the previous versions. If you don't like Bill Clinton or have played the old game, you MUST download this. But even if you think Mr. Clinton is sorta OK, you can download it anyway. Click here to download. (750K)

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