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The Dust Bunny Conspiracy

I bet your wondering what in the seven hells I'm babbling about right? Have you noticed lately in the corners of your home the small peons of evil lurk? Commonly known as dust bunnies or "ghost turds" they are a deadly threat! I bet you think. Yeah fine I'll sweep them later and promptly forget. I bet you let them sit there and breed. Well you shouldn't because one of these days the dustbunnies are going to rise up and take over the world!

I first noticed their increased size in numbers at my school. I can remember brushing it off as bad housekeeping by the janitors. But now I know their secret! They were killing off the janitors and replacing them with clones! OH YES! I'm on to those little buggers! We can still foil their takeover attemt if we stick together. So the next time you see a dust bunny, sweep it up! Sweep it up before it creates more of its evil spawn! Thank you and be careful... They're everywhere. *intro eerie music*

It has recently come to my attention that many of you have adopted dustbunnies as online pets.


You aid the evil and are corrupt for it. Forsake your seemingly cute "pets" or risk destruction. They shall be the end of you!

The dust bunny conquest agenda

Home again, home again. Giggity gig.