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I am currently doing a research project on astrology and Manic-Depressive, Bipolar I, and Bipolar II disorders. I have found some very interesting placements in the charts of folks who suffer from these conditions. As a result, I am looking to research this further. It may ultimately end up as a paper or article to help the psychological and astrological communities if the findings are conclusive. Can you help?

If you have been diagnosed with one of the above conditions and would be kind enough to take part in this project, please use the e-mail address on this page to send the following information.

Birth Date

Time of Birth

Place of Birth (City, State, Country)


Date or Approximate Date and place (City, State, Country) that you were diagnosed

Which condition listed above were you diagnosed with.

Would you be willing to have your natal chart annomously published in a paper on this subject? (Answering "No" does not in any way disqualify you for the study. I always respect your privacy)

Thank you for your help. While I cannot currently offer anything in return for your sharing this information with me, please know that each peice of data I receive is kept confidential, and may ulitmately further both Astrology and the understanding of these diseases.

Please check back as I will have additional or new projects in the furture.

Please send the information for the project to the address on this page only.

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