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What can astrology really say about karma, other incarnations, or choices before birth? Well, before we can answer that question, it would first be helpful to define karma from a metaphysical standpoint. Traditional karma is often seen as a cause and effect. Each culture has some provision for karma. Jewish and Christian religions believe that we shall reap what we sow. Eastern religions and philosophies that speak of reincarnation see karma as deeds done in one life that have a direct effect on the future of that life or in future incarnations. Some pagan faiths, like Wicca, believe in a three-fold law; whatever you do will come back to you three times. While traditional beliefs would lead us to think that there is something to the idea of karma, many folks are now turning towards the idea that karma is not a cause and effect, but an actual choice.

If we are to postulate that time is simply a physical measurement and therefore time in our terms does not exist outside of a physical universe, then there really are no "past" or "future" lives. Time would be taking place all at once and our other incarnations would be taking place on other planes or dimensions of reality at the same moment we are living and breathing in this one. From this standpoint, karma would be utterly changed. No longer a cause and effect, it can be seen as each and every choice we make every moment of our lives. We may have a very easy life in a different linear time period, and to experience something completely different we choose to have a much harder life in this one. This would not be a choice we make consciously, these would be choices and agreements made by the Higher Self or spirit. To be completely aware of these choices would defeat the purpose of getting the most out of a physical incarnation. However, since time is happening all at once, doing the right thing right now and being accountable for your actions will improve your karma and accelerate your spiritual growth both in the linear past and future.

If we choose our parents, most likely we also choose the moment we are born. Astrology then becomes a reflection of the choices we have made, and the path we have agreed to take. The neat part is that you are handed a map when you are handed a natal chart, in order to help you remember why you have chosen to be who you are. The entire natal chart in astrology is a reflection of karma. Can astrology show you a glimpse into other incarnations? Well, yes, and no. Astrology is not going to tell you if you were Abraham Lincoln in another life, a high Priest in Atlantis, or a princess in Spain. It will instead show you the patterns that you have peeking through from other parts of you existing in other lives. Astrology can tell you what you come into this life intrinsically knowing, and what you have to develop.

One of the first areas we can look to for a glimpse of other lives and life purpose are the Nodes of the Moon. The position of the North Node by sign, house, and aspect will give you an idea about what you are here to learn, while the position of the South Node will tell about where you have been. The South Node, in other words, represents the sum total of information from other lives in the linear past or future that you carry with you semi- or sub-consciously. These positions will lead us to be able to speculate what talents you carry with you, as well as what challenges you have set up for yourself. With this information alone, we often will be able to pin point the life (or lives) that is closest to this one karmicly, not necessarily in linear time, but the one(s) that directly influence the choice to be who you are today.

Other important places to look for information on other lives are the fourth house, the Moon, the twelfth house, and Neptune. The fourth house represents the beginning, the soul, and the home. This house and the placement of itís ruler, the Moon, also speaks of roots and can further our understanding about life purpose. The twelfth house and the position of its ruler Neptune symbolize the unconscious, prenatal experiences, intuitive ability, and how we trap ourselves in unconscious patterns. These things are major points to compare when looking for a metaphysical and esoterical meaning in the natal chart, but it is important to keep in mind that the entire chart has to be examined to get the most accurate conclusion. The entire chart, cast for the moment of birth is your map for understanding your place in linear time.

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