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The Lunar Nodes, also referred to as the Moon’s Nodes, are the two points in the sky where the Moon’s orbit intercepts the ecliptic. They are generally called the North and South Nodes, and most astrologers use them as important points for delineation of the Natal chart. In most houses systems and methods of charting, the Lunar Nodes will be in direct opposition to one another.

Different astrologers will interpret the Nodes diversely, depending on the genre of astrology they practice. In practical astrology, the South Lunar Node is considered to be "where you are coming from". It is considered to represent your roots, your genetics, your history, and the inherited physical, emotional, and mental traits you possess. This can be either a downfall or a source of potency, depending on how each individual uses it. When the symbol of the South Node by sign, house, and aspect is drawn upon for strength from the individual’s foundation and roots, it can be a mighty source of comfort and efficacy. However, if someone were to wallow in the past represented by the South Node’s placement, it can be very unfavorable for their own growth and personal evolution.

Practically, the North Node represents what we are looking to achieve emotionally and through our personal growth. This point represents where we are going in life, and by sign, house, and aspect, what we can hope and aspire to achieve. The North Node symbolizes goals that reside beyond our up-bringing, a challenge to our comfort in what knowledge and traits have been passed down to us through the generations that have come before us. This is where we may strive and achieve something greater than we are. In essence, it practically represents "where we’re going".

The Lunar Nodes also have critical roles for the esoteric or metaphysical astrologer. When we use astrology to find out information that is hidden, multi-dimensional in nature, on a "soulular" level, or in conjunction with reincarnational beliefs, the Nodes have integral purposes for finding clues for the searcher. Several different genres of astrology use the Moon’s Node’s in this way. Astrology that is mixed with spirituality, soul-entered astrology, and any of the before mentioned esoteric or metaphysical applications regards the Nodes as important in the process of soul evolution, spiritual potential, and the greater chosen path.

While most astrologers are in agreement that the Nodes represent some sort of fate, many esoteric astrologers disagree. When using astrology at a souluar level, the Nodes do not predict. They point towards chosen goals and phases of leaning and evolution that are elected by the soul or Higher Self rather than a divine hand of predestination. These choices are made without the individual being conscious of his or her choices in most cases, and the astrologer that works with the Nodes in this way uses them specifically to point out what the soul intrinsically knows, and what it has chosen to learn in this life time. Any person can physically disregard the Nodal placements by sheer freewill, though most spiritual astrologers would advise against that, stating that it makes a whole lot more sense to work within the framework of the Nodes for both spiritual and practical reasons.

Esoterically, the South Node represents the full knowledge of all other lives that we bring with us into this one. It is a memory bank of sorts, holding an information bank that is a compendium of all other experiences in other lives, whether past or present on a linear time-line. This is what we come into this life with, to give us a foundation for all other experiences. It is used as one of the points in the chart that give clues to other lives the soul encounters and used to help the person searching for information to tap into that to understand life in the current day. It shows our Karma, the choices we have made in other lives that have bearing on the choices we make today.

The North Node symbolizes where our goals lie. This is the challenge that we have chosen to meet, and the things that our soul wishes to accomplish while in this life. The symbolism of this Node shows the other side of Karma, which are the things we have yet to learn, and these things have been chosen to take place during this lifetime. The North Node will give you information by sign, aspect, and house on how to get your life on the right track. If we follow the path we have set for ourselves on a soul level then the physical becomes aligned with the spiritual and we live happier, more fulfilling lives.

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