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Venus is popular as the planet of love, ruling both Libra and Taurus, but the psychology of Venus goes far deeper than that. Venus by house, sign, and aspect can tell us where and how we derive pleasure from people, places, and things.

Venus is one of the two main planetary feminine archetypes in astrology, the other being the Moon. The difference between the two is that while the Moon relates to the mother and fertile goddess in myth, Venus represents the sensual, receptive, and indulgent side of the feminine archetype. Venus, then, explains how we receive and process emotion and fulfil our needs in life. Though this does have to do with love, it also has to do with what we would value as important or beautiful. Depending on where we find Venus in the natal chart, it can show what area we crave emotional contact and define beauty.

If Venus is found in the first house (the house of the physical body and personality) we might find that the person is physically beautiful or has a very desirable and diplomatic personality, or both. If found in the second house (the house of material possessions and value structure), the individual may value beautiful things, and attempt to always be surrounded by ornamental wonders.

The sign will further color how Venus is expressed. For example, Venus in the second house in the sign of Libra might have to be surrounded in love and harmony to find happiness, and value these things above all else. The same placement in the sign of Capricorn may be seen in a need for acquiring wealth, expensive luxuries, and a place in the community to have their values fulfilled.

When Venus is in aspect (a certain number of degrees from) another planet, this will further describe the placement. Whatever planet Venus touches will in some way enhance or impress upon how Venus is expressed. If Venus is in easy aspect to Mercury, for instance, the person may have an easy time expressing their needs and feelings to others. On the other hand, in hard aspect the person might feel unable to express their needs, or possibly be overbearing with what they expect from others, depending on how it looks in comparison with the entire chart.

Venus, though feminine by definition, is present in everyone's chart, both male and female. If we do not deal with our Venus in a healthy way, or have a problem integrating its symbols into our lifestyle, we will then choose to bring people into our lives to express it for us. When we project Venus onto others to live it out for us, we open the door to "bad pattern" relationships and friendships. When we find these patterns of people who come into our lives again and again that prove to be detrimental to us, we might look to Venus for the answer. We cannot look to anyone else except ourselves to give us true fulfillment, and Venus is a map leading us to where are real needs in life lie. When we project Venus to find contentment in others, we open up a wide array of problems that can follow us through life! Venus' lesson may be self-serving, but nonetheless important. One must find love in themselves, their beliefs, and their value system before they can share their true self with others.

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