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When we are looking for the basis of someone's emotions in astrology, we look to the Moon. The Moon is of great importance in the natal chart. This is where we will find what a person is emotional about, and the how, why, and where they express their feelings.

The Moon's placement describes a person's relationship with their mother, which is the first place we learn what love is all about from a human standpoint. The early mother-child relationship will set the tone for expectations in later relationships. The Moon shows what we need to feel nurtured, and how we nurture others. The Moon also describes what we need emotionally from others. Because the Moon is a "feminine" symbol, it is receptive. Therefore, it will describe the kind of people we unconsciously bring into our lives, and what we need from them to feel fulfillment.

The Moon is very important when looking at compatibility between two people. While the Sun will tell us if the sense of self and ego is harmonious between two people, the Moon is of even more importance when it comes down to partner/love relationships. This is due to the emotional nature of the Moon. While other planets are also of importance in comparing charts, the Moon placements will show what a person needs to feel emotionally fed and satisfied in a relationship.

The Moon also shows your first emotional reaction in any given situation and often the side of yourself you do not like. Because the base of the ego does not always understand the emotional nature of the Moon's reactions, we sometimes tend to cause ourselves to feel remorse or guilt over the Moon symbol's reactions. The Moon doesn't think, it only feels. When we ask ourselves, "Now why in the world did I do that?", this is when we question our Moon.

Once we get an understanding of our own Moon placement, we can have a far easier time understanding ourselves and our reaction to other people. Once we know what we need to feed ourselves emotionally, it makes relationships less complicated and more fulfilling. Being in touch with the Moon's symbol in our lives also makes it easier to not only have a handle on our emotional reactions, but also to understand them better. Once we can do that, we can realize why we react the way we do, and spend less time in regret. We can strive to use the positive side of the Moon placement. When this becomes a conscious effort, we will tend to live a more healthy emotional life.

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