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Den of the Glowing Fang Wolf Pack

The Wolf, Guide to the Sacred

Wolves have been long regarded by Native Americans as teachers or pathfinders. Wolves are fiercely loyal to their mates, and have a strong sense of family while maintaining individualism. In the stars, Wolf is represented by the Dog, Sirius, thought by many abroginal tribes to be the home of the "Ancients." It seems to be through this connection that Wolf has come to be associated with ancient teachings.

Wolves are probably the most misunderstood of the wild animals. Tales of cold bloodedness abound, in spite of the their friendly, social and intelligent traits. They are truly free spirits even though their packs are highly organized. They seem to go out of their way to avoid a fight. One is rarely necessary when a shift in posture, a growl, or a glance gets the point across quite readily. Traditionally, someone with Wolf Medicine has a strong sense of self, and communicates well through subtle changes in voice inflection and body movements.They often find new solutions to problems while providing stability and support that one normally associates with a family structure.

Wolf Myths

Although many storiesabout wolves emphasize thier evil or maligant nature (which they do not have), one of the most famous wolf myths, that of Romulus and Remus, represents the wolf as a nurturing, maternal force. According to the Greek historian Plutarch,Romulus and Remuus were twin sons of Ilia. The twins were abandoned in the wilderness, where they were assumed they would die. But they were cared for by wolves until they were found by Faustulus, a swineherd.

Some Native Americans feared that killing a wolf would cause game animals to disappear. Others believed that a weapon used to kill a wolf would never work properly ever again.

The Cherokees believed that killing one wolf might bring the wrath of the rest of the pack onto them. Some Cherokee hunters would explain to the dead wolf that he had been killed not by a Cherokee but by someone from another tribe, so the wolf's pack would seek revenge in the wrong place.

To Be Continued....

Poems and Storys Section

(if any of you creative cubs want your stories or poems about wolfs here...e-mail me)

Song of the Wolf a poem by yours truly, me

Oh, sweet singers of the night, sing your song for me, your howls are tributes to the moon and also to me,

Oh sweet singers of the night, sing your song for her, her brilliance shining in your eyes, the moon who roves the sky, your love for her shall never die,

Oh sweet singers of the night, I hope your song never ends,but at dawns first light it shall fade,but the moons and my love for you shall never die and go away,

Oh sweet singers of the night, will you return tonight?We will be listening forever for your sweet song of the night

The End

Wolf Quotes

These are quotes that involve wolfs, other than AWWOOOO, said by famous and unfamous people

"The caribou feeds the wolf, but it is the wolf that keeps the caribou strong" - Keewatin Inuit Proverb

"The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the Strength of the Wolf is the Pack" - Rudyard Kipling (author of The Jungle Book)

"The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheeps neck, for which the sheep thanks the shepherd as his liberator, while the wolf denounces him for the same act...plainly the sheep and the wolf would not agree upon the same definition of liberty." - Abraham Lincoln

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The Glowing Fang Wolf Pack
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