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Just introduced to the American public on March 1, 1997, Pyruvate has been clinically proven after 27 years of study at a cost of $11,000,000 at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Pyruvate produced 37% greater weight loss and a 48% greater fat loss while increasing energy and endurance with less fatigue during prolonged exercise with an increased performance of 20%, compared to individuals on a similar diet without Pyruvate. There have been NO Negative Side Effects. "Pyruvate decreases Cholesterol in a high-fat diet, has important antioxidant activity and seems to improve cardiac functions." (Dr. Frank Greenway, Endocrinologist, (Muscle and Fitness, 12/96) ". . . a 38 year old executive . . . who has battled obesity for two decades, touts the effects of Pyruvate. " Ive lost 39 pounds in less than 40 days. Other than the 5 grams of Pyruvate, my eating and exercise habits have remained the same and I feel better than I ever dreamed possible." (Muscle and Fitness, 12/96) Steve Nuno, gymnastic coach of Shannon Miller, who won two gold medals stated that Pyruvate contributed to her increased strenth and stamina toward the gold. Pyruvate+ is an eclusive, one-of-a-kind product, available only through New Vision is the fastest growing privately held company in America today. There is a tremendous business opportunity for those who get on the very beginning of the huge expected growth curve for this dynamic product. 30 day supply of Pyruvate+: Retail- $ 62.95, Consumer $43.95, Member $39.95 Membership Cost:$5.95

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