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Starcraft Hints

Tip 1: Sliding your Command Center

The first thing you do is start a game. Then you move your SCV's out of the way. Then you lift of your command center. When it's in the air you hit shift and S holding them. Still holding those keys you click land and you land right where you lifted off. Then as it is coming down you right click next to the minerals making sure not on the minerals. You kinda do it when its like getting close to the ground. You might want to click 3 times no more. Because it is very hard to click it just right. Also you can only do this once because it won't keep landed. So try to keep it there. This trick works on Battle.Net too. Its an advantage. If you are offended by this DON'T USE IT! Thanks to Stripes_of_Red at The Starcraft Point for this tip.

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