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The Splendid Story That is Sailor Moon

For those of you who are beginning Sailor Moon fans, here is a short summary of the basic Sailor Moon story:

NOTE: This section contains so-called spoilers. If you don't want some of the secrets of Sailor Moon revealed, click here and go back to my main page.

In order to understand the story of Sailor Moon, you need to know the history of the Moon Kingdom:

The Moon Kingdom was at one time a beautiful place. It was ruled by Queen Serenity. She had a daughter, the Moon Princess. She had fallen in love with a Prince from Earth. This time of peace was called the "Silver Millennium". All was well until the evil Queen Beryl of the Negaverse was able to attack because of a lunar eclipse. At one time, Queen Beryl had loved Prince Darien, but when he did not return that love, and instead loved the Moon Princess, she cast a spell on all of the prince's friends (Neflite, Zoycite, Malachite, and Jedite), giving them evil powers and turning them agianst the prince. The young prince from Earth went to fight in the last battle. Queen Serenity defeated defeated the Negaverse by trapping it's seven greateset warriors, called the "Shadows". She sealed these "Shadows" in seven "Rainbow Crystals". These Rainbow Crystals formed the "Silver Impereal Crystal" when joined together. Although the Negaverse had been defeated, the many wars left the Moon Kingdom in ruins. Because of this,Queen Serenity sent her daughter, the Earth prince, and the princesses of each respective planet who had lived in the Moon Kingdom court to Earth, erasing their memories of the Moon Kingdom. She also sent two guardian cats who could bring them together as the Sailor Scouts if the Negaverse ever attacked agian. The seven Rainbow Crystals were also sent to Earth inside the bodies of the Seven Evils, the Negaverse's strongest warriors. The Evils were sent to Earth in human and animal form, with no evil powers or knowledge of the Negaverse, but when the crystals were removed from them, they turned back into the Evils.

Now our story starts with Serena, a young, seemingly normal 14 year old girl. One day, as she was rushing to school, she saw a group of young children poking at a cat. After the children ran away, she went over and picked up the cat. The cat had a bandage over it's forehead. Serena peeled it off to reveal a cresent moon. The cat jumped out of her hands and ran away, and Serena continued on her way to school.

Serena thought nothing of the cat she had seen that morning until the cat appeared in her room that afternoon. The cat started to talk, and it told her that she was Sailor Moon, and she needed to fight to protect the Earth from the Negaverse. At first Serena thought she was dreaming, but then, when the cat, who's name turned out to be Luna, showed her how to transform into Sailor Moon, she believed.

As the series progressed, four more Sailors are introduced. The last Sailor, Sailor Venus, brought her cat, Artemis. Artemis and Luna became the guides of the group. One of the mysteries the Sailor Scouts faced was the identity of the masked hero that always came to their rescue when theings looked bleak. His presence was announced by a red rose, and his name was Tuxedo Mask. He never stayed long enough to give the Sailors any information about himself, but he was always there when they needed help.

The Sailors were always fighting the Negaverse, who was trying to find all seven of the Rainbow Crystals, so that they could take over the Earth. They had succeeded in collecting five of them, but Tuxedo Mask possesed the other two. The Sailor are also trying to find the Moon princess, which was Luna and Artemis's orders when they first arrived on Earth.

One day, on the way to a Sailor Scout meeting that she was late for, Serena ran into her friend, Darien. He seemed troubled, so she followed him. To Serena's suprise, they were both attacked by the Negaverse and trapped in the Starlight Tower, where the Negaverse had been hiding. Serena and Darien found themselves trapped in an elevator together. When attacked by the Negaverse, the only way Serena could save herself was to change into Sailor Moon in front of Darien, who had no idea that she was really Sailor Moon. When Darien finds out Serena's true identity, he reveals that he is Tuxedo Mask.

Unfortunately, the Negaverse got hold of the two Rainbow Crystals that Tuxedo Mask had while in the Tower. Sailor Moon helped Tuxedo Mask fight to get the Crystals back until the other Sailors arrived. Whe they got to the Tower, Tuxedo Mask had already been wounded, and was laying motion less at Sailor Moon's lap. Thinking all was lost, Sailor Moon started to cry. Her first tear summoned all the seven Rainbow Crystals, taking them from the Negaverse, and forming them into the Silver Imperium Crystal. This new Crystal attached itself to Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Wand, giving it greater power. This revealed Serena's second secret identity: the Moon Princess (Princess Serena). Tuxedo Mask was also revealed to be the Earth Prince (Prince Darien), the Prince that the Moon Princess had fallen in love with.

With all the memories of the Moon Kingdom rushing back to her, Serena fainted, and the Negaverse captured Darien. Queen Beryl decided to brainwash him so that he would fight on the Negaverse's side. He did so until Serena's love for him broke the evil spell the Negaverse had over him. Then Serena and the other Sailor Scouts traveled to the Negaverse through a portal in an old warehouse to defeat it once and for all. Here they were transported back to the ruins of the Moon Kingdom, where they learned more about their past lives on the Moon. They were then sent back to Earth by Queen Serenity. On their way to the lair of Queen Beryl, all of the scouts besides Sailor Moon were 'killed' by the Gloom and Doom sisters, who were sent by Queen Beryl, leaving Sailor Moon to defeat the Negaverse all on her own. Knowing the other Scouts believed in her, Serena, as Princess Serena, destroyed Queen Beryl and the Negaverse.

After the defeat of the Negaverse, all the Sailors and Darien were then sent back to Earth, all of their memories of the Moon Kingdom and being Sailor Scouts erased once agian. Life on Earth was back to normal for Serena and the others, until a new evil arrived and the Sailors must once again be united for a new mission...