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Sailor Moon links

Hey, Lita here. You might know me as Sailor Jupiter. I decided that since Luna got her own page, I should get one of my own too. Okay, I've just started this link page, so it's going to be pretty short for awhile. I hope you enjoy the few chosen pages I've listed. I have been to just about all these sites, and for the post part, they all have my seal of approval. Now I hate dead links just as much as you, and I'm sorry (I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry) if there are any on this page.

Sailor Moon Homepages

Crystals in the Moonlight
The Eternal Moon Kingdom
Sailor Moon Fantasy Homepage
Castle in the Sky- Sailor Moon
Rei's Temple of Moonie Devotion
The SM Zone
Janice's Sailor Moon Page
The Sailor Moon Universe
Luna Daisy's Luna Page
Sailor Moon Nexus
Save Our Sailors (SOS)
Sailor Moon Ultimate

Online Anime Stores
Nikaku Animart
ANIMEted Characters
The Coolest Sailor Moon Products Site
Ai No Senshi
Project Anime Mall