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Sailor Moon Merchandise

Welcome everybody. I'm Mina and I'll be your guide today. Yesterday Serena and I went out shopping, and we found a lot of Sailor Moon products. Here is a list of some of the the things we found:

We bought three videos at 'Toys-R-Us'. We found some others at 'Record Town'in the Japanimation video section. We have also found Sailor Moon books too. We found some books on sale at the 'Barnes and Noble' bookstore. Here are the titles and prices of the mercandise that we have:


A MOONSTAR IS BORN . . . . . $12.99 (at Record Town)
This video contains the first two episodes of the first series; "A Moon Star is Born" and "Talk Radio".

SCOUTS UNITE . . . . . . . . $9.99 (at Toys-R-Us)
This video contains the two episodes where Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars make their first apperance. They are "Computer School Blues" and "An Uncharmed Life".

EVIL EYES . . . . . . . . . $12.99 (I don't remember where I purchased this video)
This video contains the episodes "Cruise Blues" and "Shutter Bugged"

JUPITER AND VENUS ARRIVE . . $9.99 (at Toys-R-Us)
This video contains the two episodes where Sailors Jupiter and Venus make their debut (duh!). The episode titles are "Jupiter Comes Thundering In" and "Sailor Venus Makes the Scene".

SECRET IDENTITIES. . . . . . $9.99 (at Toys-R-Us)
This video contains episodes where the Sailor Scouts learn of their amazing past. The episodes are "A Crystal Clear Destiny" and "A Reluctant Princess".

GOOD QUEEN, BAD QUEEN. . . . $11.96 (through 'Amazon')
This video contains the last two episodes of the first series. The titles are "Day of Destiny" and "The Past Returns".


MEET SAILOR MOON . . . . . . $3.95 (through 'Amazon')
This is a children's book. It has close to no information, but it has a lot of great pictures.

SAILOR MOON:FRIENDS AND FOES $4.95 (at Barnes and Noble)
This book follows "Meet Sailor Moon" and is the same type of book.

SAILOR MOON PLAYING CARDS . . $1.50 (I don't remember where, sorry!)
These are just playing cards with Sailor Moon characters on them. Soon I will have pictures of them as well as the movies and books, so don't forget to come back!

I'm sure there are tons of other places that carry Sailor Moon products, but I can't list them all! Go to Lita's Link List for some online stores.