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Sailor Earth

NOTE: Sailor Earth is 100% a fiction of my imagination. Translation - I MADE HER UP! She appears in a Sailor Moon series that DOES NOT EXSIST. No events concerning Sailor Earth have ever happened in Sailor Moon. The references made in Sailor Earth's description such as "The Sailor Star Constalation" are also made up. I just thought it would be fun to create the seemingly missing Sailor.

NAME: Anon Jubalie


BIRTHDAY: November 20




SCHOOL: Private School for Girls (The same school as Raye.)

DESCRIPTION: Anon has long light brown hair that she always wears in braids and dark brown eyes. Her powers are associated with the Earth. Her main Sailor Power is 'Rainstorm Crash'. She moved to Juubangai to live with her Aunt after her parents died in a boating accident. She joins the Sailors in the "Sailors Eternal" series. In this series, the Negaverse rises from it's former defeat and sends it's warriors to Earth once agian. She has traveled from the 40th century (similar to what Chibi had done), to complete the Sailor Team. She meets Serena when they are both in a park when the Negaverse attacks. They both transform, and Serena realizes that she has found the final Sailor. Sailor Earth's star completes the Sailor Star Constallation, giving them the power to defeat the Negaverse for good. In the end of the series, with the Negaverse defeated, the Sailors return home to be princessesof their home planets once agian, and Anon returns to the 40th century where she is the princess of Neo-Galactic Earth.