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Serena's Page

Hi everybody! Since Luna, Mina, and Lita got their own pages, I wanted one of my own. I whined so much that I got a page where I can make up everything myself! (I guess I'm pretty good at getting what I want!:) Now anyway, I spent all math class today thinking about what I should put on this page, and I couldn't really think of anything! Even worse, Luna got mad at me for not studying enough, and she won't type for me, so now I have to right write it all myself. Wait, I think I just thought of something! I'll post some of the pictures from my photo album!

I'll start with the scout's school pictures:


Me Amy Raye Lita Mina

You know everbody says that me and Mina look alike. Do you think so? To tell the truth, I've never really noticed a simelirity similarity. Okay now here's a picture of Luna. I shouldn't be putting one of her up on MY page since SHE wouldn't even help me,so I guess I'll post a tiny picture of her. This is one from when she was locked outside during the winter!! HA HA LUNA!!

Here is a picture of me when I was a baby. No, I wasn't always that dirty!

Okay, so maybe I still am kind of a baby.

Well, enough of that. I'm sure that you are super-bored now. Come back soon, though, cause I'll think of something else to put here and I wouldn't want you to miss it!!