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Kitty Korner

"Hello, Luna here. Welcome to my special Kitty Homepage. It won't be too long since I stepped

on some glass and hurt my paw this morning while I was trying to catch up to Serena to give her

the lunch she almost forgot. That girl is always late! Anyway, if Artemis wakes up anytime soon

(which I doubt) he might help me type, but as of now, I'll just have to ignore these sore paws.

Please excuse any typos, these bandages are very hard to type in."

Here are some fun Kitty games for you to play:

Luna's Guessing Game

"There isn't much here right now. I could use some help thinking of some new Kitty

things to put here. I have to make this page good or Jocelyn (the webmaster) might

make me take it off! We wouldn't want that now would we? E-mail at

the address at the bottom of the page and give a Kitty some help!"