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Galileo: Inventions

Galileo throughout his life,invented many wonderful things. Shown here are just a few:

This is the objective lens that Galileo developed and used when he discovered the moons of Jupiter or the "Medicean Planets." He also made many other observations with this lens between 1609 and 1610.

Galileo developed the thermoscope to measure hot and cold during the Paduan period. Galileo would use a glass bottle about the size of an egg, with a long glass neck. He then heated the bottle with his hands and then immersed it partially in a vessal full of liquid. When he removed his hands, the liquid rose to a certain height in the neck, remaining above the liquid in the vessal. For more info on the thermoscope click here.

Galileo used the above apparatus to perform his experiments along an inclined plane. He also used it to confirm his law on falling bodies. For more info on the inclined plane click here.

One of Galileos most important inventions that cannot be left out is the telescope. To find out much more then could fit on this page about the telescope go here

For some fun click here to get a VR tour of the Institute and Museum of the History of Science of Florence

Or click here to see Galileo's actual manuscript on motion!

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