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~HomePage Helpers~

On this page you will find places to go that will help you with your HP(or email) and also some have fun stuff for your HP!

This page came about because I have some online friends who sent them to me as answers to my never ending "help" questains about my own page, or they were sent to me by those same friends just because they thought I would like it. So, to Kammy, Kat, and Steve, I say THANK YOU!!! It is because of you guys that I have this page, and that it is availabe to others! If I forgot any of you who helped me, Im sorry :( Im still gratefull tho!:)

-Draac's School-Dr. Draac to the rescue...again!

-HTML Help-Good place to go for help.

-Cool Text-Go here to make banners. They DO need to be transloaded.

-Daves Webtv Help-Lots of good help.

-Image Magick-Here you can make banners..resize images...write on images...reverse images...and LOTS more!

-Kelley PC Buttons-Here you can make buttons for your HP or email. These too need to be transloaded.

-Gif Works-Here you can change can resize...add shadows etc.

-Webtv Info-This is help for webtv-ers in specific.

-Steves Thumbnail Tutorial-Here you will learn how to make the links to your images or pictures using thumbnails instead of using the good ol' word link! Very cool!

-Shahrams Search Engines-Theres 4 search engines here. Very usefull!

-Image Tools-Here you can resize or remove the background from any jpg.

-2 Sounds-Here you will learn how to use 2 sounds in your email or on your HP.

-Moving Backgrounds-Here you can learn to put moving...yup..I said m~o~v~i~n~g backgrounds on your HP.

-Image on Image-Go here to learn how to use an image on top of another image.

-PageTalk-Come here to make a short real-audio clip of your voice. Then add it to your HP or email. Its all free!!

-Free Stuff-Free guestbooks, add your links, and email for letters.

-SlideShow-Here you can learn how to make a slideshow!

-Background-Do you hate not being able to see dark colored text in you email when your writing to ppl cuz of the dark box that surrounds your text? Go here to learn how to change that darn box!

-Clock & Date Counter-Get a clock or date counter for your HP or email.

~The Validater~To check for mistakes in your own html, and to get the URL for images.

~Net Jump~Make a jump box to add to your HP or email.VERY easy!

~BG's~make your own bordered backgrounds.

~Alphabets~All kinds of letters for you to use. This is cool!

~Transloading~Step-by-Step instructions on transloading. VERY easy tutorial to use, but make sure you have a pen and paper :)