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Memories of Nuriko-sama

Updates & News : Main

I decided to change the idea of this update section a little... This part of updates in each section of the site will now only correspond to THAT section... confusing? ^_^; Too bad! This makes life easier for me... and if you want to see all the updates in one area (I can't think of a reason WHY), just go to Past Updates!
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Memories Of Nuriko-sama : Main
Kaoru: Irasshaimase! ^_^ Welcome to one of the many shrines to Nuriko!!! If you have been here before, you'd notice that the layout changed dramatically... I hope ya like it!
This site has [almost] everything about Nuriko... from all types of piccies to music to information! If you have any more pictures of the great Nuriko, then please e-mail me at!

"Don't you ever underestimate Nuriko-sama!"
"Nuriko wa... Nuriko da yo."

Descriptions of The Sections

Anime Images -- This section features the pictures that aren't screen shots, but also aren't manga... they're random anime pictures with Nuriko in 'em! ^_^.
Manga Images -- u_u* The manga counterpart of the Anime Images section.
SD Images -- All the kawaii piccies featuring Nuriko! [-_-;; somehow.. I couldn't get Tasuki out of the way... there's this thing with him and SD, methinks]
ScreenShots -- ...Screenshots... the title describes everything! ^_^
Biography -- Every shrine has gotta have a biography to Nuriko, ne? ^_^; Well, I'm juss keeping up the tradition... information about Nuriko and a lil' more! *SPOILERS AHEAD*
Sounds -- Here, you get to hear the wonderful voice of Ryuuen-kun [nuriko]... Mp3s, midis, and wavs! ...Will Always Be Under Construction!
Miscellaneous -- All the stuff here really doesn't belong in any section... so they get a special section themselves ^_^;
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