PUNKS 'R' US is starting up now! Very soon you will see some more pages come out in the next few weeks. But while your here, stop by the pages that are up and running currently.

The Lovelife
This page is dedicated to the fine radio show known only as the Lovelife, click on the link to find out more!
Last Updated: March 31st, 1999

Seargent Parkinson's Platoon
Seargent Parkinson's Platoon, often called SPP is a band with five guys trying to make good punk music. Check it out!.

Tons 'o' Punk Music Links
I have totally revamped this link page, throwing out the sucky links and adding some awesome new bands!
Last Updated: 4-5-99

Pictures Page
Check out this page! It's got pictures of the Foxman in it!
Last Updated: 8-17-99


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