Invasion America
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David pic1
Picture of Cael and his group of bodyguards
Cael fighting with Mangler
truck crashing into Helicopter
pic of a F-16 from the show
pic of Oshati Fighter
Goblin Men
"You Belong With Us."
Rafe Surrounded by Manglers
Ready aim fire
Bed Monster
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The Grassy Knoll
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Hello and welcome to my page about Invasion America. This mini series is really great. It has already been on t.v. once and now the WB network has decided to put it on again. You can see it on Saturdays during cartoon hours on the WB. If you want to you can sign my guestbook. I also have a section up in the links where you can add your own URL. Feel free to add your URL because I'm a bored person who loves to look at websites. Also I am part of a web-ring called Utopia so stop by there and check out all the other sites that are on the ring. Most of them are real cool, but the home page needs a little work. I hope you like it. You can find how to get there up in the links section. Any way that is about the whole load I lay on you. Thanks for stoppin by.

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