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Havanese Heaven

Kachina's Mimosa "Mimi" (7 weeks)

Mimi - "just hanging around"

Mimi - "ready for a nap"

Rosco - Messy mug, as usual!!!

Here are a couple of pictures of Dante, our rescue Havanese

" Dante"

Havanese History

The Havanese are a part of the Bichon family and earliest references extend back to 23-79 BC in the Mediterranean, quite possibly from the Island of Malta, known then as Melita. Also known as the Havana Silk Dog, the Havanese came to The United States from Cuba at the beginning of the Cuban revolution. Popular among wealthy Cubans, the breed is thought to have had both Spain and Italy play an integral part in bringing the Havanese to the New World. Today the Havanese is a happy, outgoing, sturdy, short-legged small dog. Combining the outgoing temperament with their trainability, the Havanese are excellent candidates for obedience training. For more information, check out the AKC link below.

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