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HaNSoN Page Updates


----- December 30, 1997----> I've added some chapters to my story. If you have any ideas for it, I'd be glad to know. I'm having a bit of difficulty keeping up with all my mail, but I do read and respond to everything I get even if I takes awhile. But I do tend to forget who I've written back to and who I haven't so thank all of you guys who are being patient with me. Also I would like to know if some of you visitors are regulars to my site.. Just wondering.. Oh! I've desided it would be easier for me to just make a Thank You Page. For all of you helping me out. Look for it soon along with an Awards Page. ----- December 31, 1997-----> Today I updated the fact pages, added stories, dreams, chapters, basicly fixed up/updated all the freqeuntly visited places. I spent half of yesterday cleaning out my email box and wrting down people I had to email and things they told me to fix, so now it is down to *gasp* ONE message!! From 79 to ONE! But that message is from me sent to my self reminding myself of all the stuff I gotta do.. *sigh* When will it end???... Omigod!! I'm so happy! I hadn't been to my page in a while (only edited it) and when I went to the site I found that since last time I'd been there the hits have gone from 500's to 700!!! Thank you all! ***************************************************************************** I'll try to update this site as much as I possibly can. Sometimes, though I might just do little things that aren't even worth mentioning. Check back to this page to see whats been goin on. The pic above (which I put up only coz I think the look on Tay's face is funny) is NOT mine... See the 1st page its that person's.