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Jordan Taylor Hanson


---Poor Tay broke his arm riding his bike a few years back. ---He wears three or four necklaces ---Likes to draw ---Likes cartoons ---Tay likes Natalie Merchant & Alanis Moressette ---drinks bottled water a lot (I do to. I looove it..) ---*Has a cat named mama ---he wears a beeper ---he's been roller blading for 5 yrs ---favorite subject is literature & *loves William Shakespear (ME TOO!!!) ---he loves his mom's brownies ---*on a air plane to Minneapolis (hmm... thats by me..) he threw a paper air plane & a stewrdess got pissed ---*likes to go online ---*He is a potty-mouth ATTENTION!! ANYTHING MARKED WITH A STAR (*) IS NOT CONFERMED. also the Taylor pics are from the same person as on my main page

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