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Stop MTV (we should boycott!!!)



Geeze... after all Hanson has done for MTV, hosting shows and giving interviews, they go and do bone-headed things like hiring Donald Trump to say "Hanson blows." And I was reallly pissed when Toby said that they should get Zac a Barbie for his birthday. Imagine how embarassed Hanson must be when ever they see these things. And also at a big event like the Video Music Awards the conversation between Michelle and Adam was uncalled for. Adam Sandler said something about how "all the Hanson brothers could kick his ass". Email EVERYONE you know, explain to then what the problem is, and most importantly make then email MTV EVERY SINGLE DAY UNTIL MTV GIVES HANSON A LIVE PUBLIC APOLOGY!!!!!! We want justice for Hanson!! Email your friends! Give them the addy to this page! Link it to everything you know! We need to spred the word! Please! Help Hanson!!! What MTV did was childish and unfair. If you are TRUE Hanson lovers you'll email MTV and demand a live apology!!!! ********************************************************************************************** This is TOBY'S email -----> ********************************************************************************************* This is MTV'S email----> (I think) ********************************************************************************************* HELP HANSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!