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MY DREAM I'm not sure why I had this dream, but all I new is that the next day I REALLY wanted pizza.. Oh yeah! Please send your dreams to me! Here's mine-

My mom and I were driving around Tulsa for some odd reason and I saw all these signs that said "This way to Hanson's House", "Tulsa- Home of Ike Hanson", etc so I grabbed my mom's steering wheel and pulled it over into a Pizza Hut parking lot. I get down on my knees and BEG her to let us find their house. She's like "Not now. Maybe later. Lets eat some pizza." So we go in and sit in this tiny booth waiting for our food. My mom suddenly just gets up and sits at another table and starts talking to the VERY old women there (don't ask. *l*) I'm getting bored so I look out the window and see a big ol' white van pull up and Hanson got out. I stand up on my seat and start twirling around like a freak. They walk in the door and I plunk down on my seat. The room suddenly gets smaller as they sit at the booth across from mine. There wasn't enough room for Tay, Ike, and Zac so they sat in my booth. I didn't even notice until Zac threw a pepperoni peice at me and asked my name. I asked their names playing "dumb" even though I knew them. THey looked at me like I'm crazy. We chatted for awhile and then i REALLY had to pee. I got up and looked around for the bathroom but I couldn't find it and they were laughing at me. Then they room started spinning and I fell down, down, and down farther into a black hole. I landed in a pool but the rest of my dream has nothing else to do with Hanson so I'll end it here. Marie's Dream I had a dream that I went to Burger World (in Beavis and Butthead) and Zac was sitting on the floor throwing fries at the fan and Ike and Taylor were behind the counter. I asked for a cheeseburger but they gave me a concert pass that I used that night. Their concert was really cool but all the sudden Tay's keyboards tipped over and a disco ball started spinning. Some man in a gray suit cam out and said "Jordan Taylor Hanson! You've just been caught on candid camera!" The whole audience burst out laughing and Tay ran off crying. Zac hadn't noticed a thing and kept right on playing while Ike stood there confused. Then I woke up. **Note from Jen-> Once in McDonalds my friends and I got into a food fight and the manager yelled at us. Now us little rebles (j/k) we can't go back in that McDonalds.. oops. I'm just your regular wild-woman.. And I have MANY nore stories (and detention slips) to prove it.. JEN'S DREAM (not mine!) I was like in the middle of the swiss Alps or somewhere like that and Hanson and I were in a cabbin. (I don't even like skiing!) Than Tay and I just went outside and started running up the mountain as if it took like 4 sec and then we would sit there and then run back down! We would talk and then do it again! Then we sat in the car talking to Zac about his drums (because I play too) and then Ike came into the drivers seat & drove us off and then like in an instant we were in Florida or somewhere warm and thats all I remember! Send in your dreams! I'll gladly take them!

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