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Isaac and Taylor--- by Darlene


Story Page

Taylor rubbed his palm. His family was going broke after his father's plant he worked at lit on fire and Mr. Hanson died. Taylor believed that when you rubbed your palm money would show up. His mom had broken almost the whole cupboard trying to find a nice plate because Zac was coming home from camp that night. Isaac sighed. "Tay." he said softly. Taylor turned around. Isaac had cut his hair into a lopsided mushroom cut. "Ike! What did you do that for? You had beautiful blonde hair!" exclaimed Taylor. Isaac held his hair sadly. "I'm gonna sell it," he said proudly. "Oh, not in this house you're not!" said Diane, their mom. "We need the money, Mom! I could probably round up forty bucks for this hairdo." Diana hugged her son tightly. "Thank you!" Isaac ran out to sell it to a hairdresser. Ding Dong! Diana ran to get the door. Zac was their and they were a family again. The End. By Darlene.