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Chapter 10

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Awww... It's so sweet how good Cara and the boys are getting along. I know she hates these type of experiances but maybe she'll grow to become good friends with them Pam thought smilling at her daughter. Walker had just told them about the limo and Pam had yet to say ,"Walker! You needn't do such a thing! It was our pleasure just having you all come with us!" Mrs. Hanson just shook her head and smilled. "We wouldn't feel right not doing something in return for you and you family." Just at that moment little Avery, who was wearing themost adorable little flowered dress & looking out the window said, "Mommy. The limos here." ***************************************************************************** All 10 people managed to squish into the big, black, shimming limo. Pam gave the driver directions and then they were off. Cara sat next to the window with Taylor at her left. She stared off into the dreamy night sky imagining all the things out among the billions of stars. Light from the moon reflected down onto a passing lake and danced along the water top. "Beautiful out isn't it?" Taylor said softly into her ear. Cara then became aware of the load chatter in the limo again. She turned her head to face him and smiled. "Yeah, it really is. We don't get too many clear nights like this around here because of all the city lights, so to me this is pretty spectacular." Cara stared into his soft baby blue eyes and could feel them burning back into her violet eyes. It felt as if the world had come to a stop and all that was left was his eyes. His brilliant blue jems that twinkled with excitement, with lust, with nervousness, and most of all with hope and curiousity. Taylor's soft voice spoke out in almost a whisper. "We always got beautiful nights down in Tulsa. Almost as beautiful as your eyes." He said. Then as quickly as what he had just said came out of his mouth, he turned a bright redish pink color and unlocked his eyes. "Oh,, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that, it's just that I..." he apologized in embaressmant. Cara's insides fluttered around like and her legs got all tingly. She smiled at him ,"No need to say your sorry. You didn't do anything wrong. It was a complement." They sat still for a minute ablivious to all the activity around them. They had just pulled into the restuarant parking lot and everyone but them had evacuated the vehicle. "Tay, man," Ike tapped on the window from outside ,"you comin in or what?" The chauffer glanced back in the rearview and winked. Apparently he had noticed what was going on. That just made Tay even more embarssed. "Let's go," Cara said. Ike opened her door and helped her out, then waited for Tay. Together the three of them made their way through the big, wooden, double doors to catch up with their families...